the engineering of happiness in a new residential area, an artist exhibition


HOMING's a project that I started in 2017 and resulted in a series of 15 paintings and a short video by filmmaker Martijn Bastiaans (1983).
At the base of the project were a set of multiple stagings with actors in a new house in Nieuwegein.
Nieuwegein - being a VINEX location - forms the scene for the set of staged settings, wherein two actors visualize the story of a typical young couple in their first house.
The photographs and video images shot at these stagings form the basis of the artwork. We follow the couple in their everyday routine and their pursuit of newfound happiness.
A perfect house, build in a perfectly constructed setting.

But is this perfectly 'constructed' happiness - wherein urban planners, developers and architects seem to have created the ideal residential area - a true happiness?
How do we cope with the expectations of finding our bliss in these surroundings? We follow these two individuals on their quest in this new, large scale residential area.
In cool, Pruissian blue tones I explore the couple's day-to-day life.


Oil on canvas
120 x 90 cm


HOMING is a traveling exhibition and I'm always on the lookout for new, thrilling spaces to display.
These places can be anywhere, ranging from (not yet quite) empty office walls to entrance halls or meeting rooms.
As long as the places are safe for exhibition and easily accessible.
So, why am I doing this?

The main goal is to connect to those working with or living in these new residential areas. From this connection, the artworks will inspire and encourage debate.
Art can be the framework through which you can learn to look at your surroundings. It'll trigger creativity and help you to put the most mundane things in new perspective.
Hopefully, HOMING gives you a fresh look on the social dimension in a traditionally scientific debate.


Oil on canvas
80 x 170 cm


The duration of the exhibition depends on you. The minimum period is one week, the maximum is 4 weeks. HOMING will be on tour for one year, starting in July 2018.
All the displayed works are eligible for purchase, but will be available at the end of the tour in July 2019.

The exhibition can be at your place for €500 ex VAT (1-4 weeks). The price of the exhibition is for covering the basic costs such as:
- installation and dismantle of the selected paintings and video
- opening with presentation from the artist
- flyers with additional information on the exhibition

Sounds interesting? Great! I'd like to meet you!
Get in touch by sending me an email at


Oil on canvas
80 x 50 cm






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